Power and Politics in Select Plays of Vijay Tendulkar



Aim: This research paper examines the dynamics of power and politics in Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamala and Silence! The Court is in Session. Kamala dissects the numerous ways patriarchy manifests, impacting not only the titular character, Kamala, but also the seemingly ‘privileged’ wife, Sarita. While Silence! The Court is in Session exposes the pervasive nature of patriarchal power through its portrayal of a mock trial against Leela Benare.

Methodology: A close reading of the plays will be conducted to identify key themes and narrative techniques. The analysis will examine how gender roles are constructed and challenged within the plays

Outcome: Vijay Tendulkar has skillfully portrayed the dynamics of patriarchal power and politics, which aim to suppress women. He has given readers a platform to discuss this issue of oppression.

Conclusion and Suggestion: His plays, Kamala and Silence! The Court is in Session, aim to dismantle the patriarchal mindset of the people. With these works of Tendulkar in consideration, other works of contemporary writers can be studied and analyzed to dissect the power dynamics and politics dictating the lives of the oppressed.


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