The Cognition of Disability: Formulation of Models and Trends



Aims: The paper entitled “Disability Studies: Models and Trends” brings out a deeper concern of representation of reflected mind rather the physical awareness of body.  The motive behind this research is to highlight the models and trends of disability studies across the socio-cultural aspects. It covers social model, political model, biophysical model, psychological model and cultural model across the boundaries of all limitations. The concept of ability is overwhelmed through the road of disability.

Methodology and Approaches: The paper is primarily based on the mental reflection rather than physical reflection regarding disability, its nature and application. It is concerned with the insightful psyche of disability. The interpretation has been made in such a way to lead a better understanding of literary narrative as an outcome of strong mind competency to handle the mentality. The methods and approaches adopted for writing of this paper are descriptive, comparative and evaluative.

Outcome: The paper offers a new approach to insight into certain trends and models in reference to the concept of disability. It questions on intellectual thinking of intellectual thinker in regard of disability how it states the mentality of sound person towards disabled person.

Conclusion: It is requisite to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability. One, who is strong by mind and soul, cannot suffer from physical illness. Disability is deemed to overcome issues related to mentality. It can be taken with positivism rather than negativism. Disability with positivity is an exploration of healthy mind rather than unhealthy mind with negativity.


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Author Biography

Wasim Azam, Research Scholar, Dept. of English, Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Mr. Wasim Azam is currently enrolled in Banaras Hindu University for Ph.D. in English. He has completed MA English from BHU and B.Ed. from VBSPU. He is a dabbler of spirits in composing poems and sometimes penning articles and stories as well. He cracked the UGC NET-JRF in the year of 2023. His trust areas are Spiritualism, Transcendentalism, Mysticism and Eco-Spiritualism. His research papers have been published in reputed journals. He has pursued the Certificate course on Yoga and qualified Persian certificate course from BHU. He has accomplished many online courses in different fields from various online platforms provided by Government and Private Organization.



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