Exploring and Imagining Gender Identity and Feminism in Mahashweta Devi’s Literary Narratives



Mahashweta Devi, Gender Identity, Feminism, Literary Narratives, Intersectionality, Patriarchy, Caste, Class, Indigenous Folklore, Social Activism


Aims: This study aims to explore the complex themes of feminism and gender identity in the writings of well-known Indian novelist and social activist Mahashweta Devi. Mahashweta Devi weaves complex stories, social criticism, and in-depth examinations of gender relations into her works, creating a beautiful tapestry. To reveal the many ways in which Devi questions authority systems, reimagines gender roles, and challenges conventional norms, this research uses a thorough examination of a few chosen writings.

Methodology and Approaches: The paper will shed light on the textual analysis of the literary narratives of the author and use qualitative methodology. Her work serves as a prism to analyze the intersectionality of gender and its effects on the underprivileged. The study also looks at Devi’s utilization of mythology, local folklore, and tribal narratives to create a distinctive feminist discourse that captures the variety of Indian women’s experiences.

Outcome: Examining how feminism and gender identity interact in Devi’s stories, the study highlights the writer’s deft representation of women navigating intricate sociocultural contexts. Devi tackles themes of patriarchy, caste, and class through characters like Draupadi and Dopdi Mejhen, among others.

Conclusion and Suggestions: To sum up, this research study explores how gender identity and feminism are imaginatively represented and deeply explored in Mahashweta Devi’s literary writings. Based on a thorough examination of Devi’s works, the study demonstrates Devi’s skill in handling gender-related, identity-related, and socio-political concerns. Future research should examine other angles in order to further our understanding of Mahashweta Devi’s literary contributions to feminism and gender identity.


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