Concept of Family in the Novels of Jane Austen


  • Afroz Jahan Assistant Professor of English, Sahu Ramswaroop Girls P.G. College, Bareilly


Marriage, families, Expectation, Individuality


Aims: The paper entitled “Concept of Family in the Novels of Jane Austen” brings out the novels deal with the position of women and their social and cultural possibilities, most of which are connected to marriage. The motive behind this research is to highlight the gender inequalities and the discriminations among family members and how these things affects the life of women. It helps to understand the impacts of society and men’s stereotypical mind set on women’s life.

Methodology and Approaches: The research design for this study is qualitative and based on textual analysis of primary and secondary sources. The research is based on correlation study. Subjective and interpretivist perspective have been taken. George Herbert Mead’s theory “Symbolic Interaction” is studied for focusing on changing roles and symbols affect the ways family members interact with each other and with society.

Outcome: It has been explored in the research that women have been dependent on men mentally as well as emotionally. The condition of these female characters are quite matching with our own practical life and the plenty of interpersonal relationship problems can be resolved. The relevance of this research is undoubtedly worth is as many people in today's life are suffering from a relationship crisis in families.

Conclusion and Suggestions: The work of Jane Austen is part of a broad cultural process that has resulted in the evolution of a woman’s voice as the voice of diligence and good sense. Marriage is considered to be all and end all of life. Question is raised why women should marry. Would she not able to be self-depend? Why does she not have equal opportunities as man? Why should marriage be the last and only surviving option for living a happy life?  Women are not inferior or less to any other members in family. Somehow it is because they lack enough education.     


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Author Biography

Afroz Jahan , Assistant Professor of English, Sahu Ramswaroop Girls P.G. College, Bareilly

Mrs. Afroz Jahan works as an Assistant Professor, Department of English, at Sahu Ram Swaroop Girls P. G. College, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. She is working on her PhD on the topic “Concept of Family in the Works of Anita Desai and Jane Austen: A Comparative Study”. Her thrust areas are Familial concepts and Gender stereotyping studies, Cultural studies, African- American Literature, Indian Diaspora in Literature. Her research papers have been published in reputed journals.



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