Publication Ethics

Scholastic morals are the essential and the central stand for research. Our Publication protocols and articulation is primarily founded on the Code of Conduct and Best-Practice Guidelines .

Ethical Concerns:

1. No Plagiarism will be accepted for publication

2. No counterfeiting and no false information and Data fabrication and falsification

3. It is suggested that the authors must not use the words and ideas of other scholars without proper acknowledgements and citations.

4. Manuscripts found to be plagiarized from other manuscript, whether published or unpublished, will not be accepted and the authors may incur sanctions like blacklisting and informing the institutions senders belong.

5. Authors should declare all the potential interests in the ‘Conflicts of Interest’ section, which must explain why the interest may be a conflict between the authors.

6. Gift or guest authorship is to be avoided. It is when someone is added to the list of authors in the publication who have not been involved in the research.

7. Ghost authorship or paid authorship shall not be accepted for publication. In this case, when someone is involved in writing a paper but he is not included in the list as author for the same.